EG Changelog

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Updated to Minecraft 1.20.4
Datapack now works on the latest version of Minecraft

Updated license

Updated pack.png


Updated to 1.20
Datapack now works on Minecraft 1.20


Added Atlas Folder
Fixed Resourcepack

Added Cordierite Gem
A new gem!
Gives slow falling

Made Names of Effect Gems Not Italic
Good decision, yes

Added Description to all Effect Gems
Now it's easier to see what they do at a glance

Improved Code
It wasn't much, but it was necessary

Some of the give commands said Gamingbarn, not @s
How did I even mess up that bad


Updated to 1.19
Datapack now works on the latest version

Added give commands for all items
Handy tool


Changed namespace from fighting to effectgems
Makes way more sense

Removed Cheeseballs
No Cheeseballs

Improved code
Fixed several small errors in code to make it preform better

Removed pearl duplicate in code
Pearl had its code implemented twice

Redid Models
They now look better

Fixed stitching bug
For some unknown reason the blocks in the world when the resourcepack was applied would have stitching problems

Removed bones from loot table
Didn't fit as regular zombies don't drop bones

Added license