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Updated to 1.20.4
Datapack now works on Minecraft 1.20.4

Added all four tiers to all tier-supporting effects
All currently implemented effects that support tiers now can be anywhere from tier 1-4

Fixed slots not appearing in creative inventory bug
The custom jewelry slots wouldn't appear in the creative inventory


Updated License
Added Modrinth as an official download site

Fixed mipmapping issue
textures no longer look pixilated from far away


Fixed Broken inventory textures
Because of MC 1.20.2 all inventory textures didn't appear appropriately

Added Iron Jewelry Station
This is a new, weaker version of the jewelry station
This new jewelry station is only capable of adorning copper and iron jewelry
The old jewelry station has been renamed to the Diamond Jewelry Station
All jewelry stations on previously existing worlds will become Diamond Jewelry Stations

Added Item Ghosts to Jewelry Stations
Viable items to use in the jewelry station now appear as transparent overlays in the appropriate slots

Tweaked Name of Mermaid Pennant
Small change

Added Zombie's Hoop
Grants attack tier 2 and stun tier 2
Has a low chance of being dropped by zombies and husks

Added God's Might
Grants attack tier 4
Has a chance to be found in end cities

Added Obsidian Shackle
Grants attack tier 3 and stun tier 2
Has a chance to be found in end cities

Added Magma Ring
Grants fire resistance
Can be found in bastion remnants

Added Ring of Illusion
Grants cloak
Can be found in stronghold chests

Added Charm of Shadows
Grants cloak and night vision
Found in ancient cities

Added Ocean's Gift
Grants dolphin's grace and water breathing tier 2 and attack tier 2
Dropped by elder guardians

Added Cobra's Tear
Grants posion tier 2 and speed tier 2
Can be found in dungeon chests

Added Rabbit Ring to Trail Ruins

Added Queen's Jewel to Ancient Cities

Added Barbarian's Wristlet to Pillager Outposts

Fixed Jewelry Station Crafting deleting items in far right slot
Crafting will now refuse if an item exists in the far right slot

Updated License
Updated to 2023


Updated to 1.20
Datapack works properly on Minecraft 1.20

Various Texture Improvements
Tweaked and improved lots of various textures

Renamed Lots of Scoreboards and Tags
Names make more sense
Easier to add new jewelry and edit existing jewelry
Breaks all currently existing jewelry

Added Pearl Necklace
Grants Dolphin's Grace
Can be found in suspicious sand and gravel in underwater ruins

Added Pharaoh's Shackle
Grants Resistance
Can be found in suspicious sand in Desert Pyramids

Added Spider Ring
Grants Poison and Wall Climbing
Can be found in abandoned mineshaft minecart chests

Added Mermaid Pendent
Grants Water Breathing Tier 4
Can be found in underwater ruin chests

Added Ring of Sight
Grants Night Vision
Can be found in suspicious gravel in trail ruins

Added Hellfire Charm
Grants Fire Resistance
Found in nether fortresses

Added Shadow Band
Grants Cloak Ability
Cloak Ability makes player invisible and much slower upon sneaking
Can be dropped by Witches

Added Creeper's Hoop
Grants Resistance
Can be dropped by creepers

Added God's Grace
Health Tier 1
Found in Bonus Chests

Added Golden Shackle
Grants Resistance
Grants Damage Tier 2

Added Golden Shackle
Grants Stun Tier 1
Grants Damage Tier 1
Can be given by piglins

Added Shock Necklace
Lightning Tier 3
Can be found in suspicious gravel in trail ruins

Added Barbarian's Wristlet
Grants Stun Tier 1
Grants Attack Tier 1
Can be dropped by ravagers

Added Berserker Wristband
Grants Stun Tier 2
Can be dropped by ravagers

Added Queen's Jewel
Grants Health Tier 2
Can be found in suspicious gravel in trail ruins

Added Rabbit Ring
Grants Speed Tier 1
Grants Jump Boost Tier 2
Can be found in village house chests

Fixed Removable Arrow and Plus Bug
Fixed the bug where the player could remove the plus and arrow in the jewelry station

Fixed Attribute Overwrite Bug
Jewelry now adds to the player's current stat instead of overwriting it
This improves combatability with other datapacks


Added atlases folder to resourcepack
Fixed resourcepack

Slightly Optimized Datapack
Moved some commands to functions so they run less frequently


You couldn't craft any base jewelry


Fixed Jewelry Station Crafting bug
You couldn't craft the jewelry station, pretty dumb bug


Updated pack format to 10
Yay, it's finally updated!

Changed datapack namespace to enhanced_jewelry
It just makes more sense

Optimized tick.mcfunction
This should help with lag on servers with a lot of players
A side effect of this new system is that jewelry will take up to 3 seconds to apply

Added zap sound effect for topaz jewelry
Sounds better than the glass breaking sound

Moved sapphire gem to the underwater ruins
Makes more sense for the water gem to be in a water structure

Made a new thumbnail
It's so pretty!


Updated pack format to 9
Now the game won't freak out when you use it

Added give namespace
For newly added give commands

Added give commands for gems and bare jewelry
Useful for creative mode people


Fixed sapphire jewelry not working bug
Only copper sapphire jewelry would work, this has been fixed.


Added license