GBM Changelog

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Fixed tadpole persistencey bug
Players who morphed into a tadpole would still be a tadpole even when changing morphs

Fixed invisible frog bug
Unless a player had a specific frog skin set, their frog would not show up


Improved thumbnail
Looks better than before

Improved pack.png
Looks way better than before


Updated to 1.19
Datapack now works on the latest Minecraft release

Removed old_tick.mcfunction
Not sure what is was for but it didn't break anything when it was removed

Added Morph skins
A few morphs can change the variant that they appear as
These morphs are the Axolotl, Baby Villager, Cat, Fox, Parrot, and Rabbit
You can change the skins via the command
/trigger skins
OR, you can run the command to change it directly
/trigger [MOB]_[VARIANT_NAME]

Added no_morph feature
If you want to restrict players from being able to morph, run the command
/tag PLAYER_NAME add no_morph
If you want them to be able to morph again, run the command
/tag PLAYER_NAME remove no_morph


Updated pack.mcmeta
The pack format has been updated to 9

Change pack description and installation message
Seemed a little, harsh

Optimized tick.mcfunction
lowered the file from 1000 to 500 lines of code

Fixed new player bug
Before, to add more players you had to /reload, the pack does this automatically now.

Fixed friendlyFire bug
You couldn't attack players before, this has been fixed. (the hitboxes are still an issue)

Removed enderman trigger command
The enderman hasn't been added yet but there is still a trigger command, this has been fixed.

Fixed creeper visibility issue
When morphed as a creeper, you couldn't see in 1st person, this has been fixed (the hitbox is still an issue)

Fixed silverfish jumping bug
Silverfish morph could still jump when hiding in stone, this has been fixed.

Fixed silverfish knockback bug
Silverfish morph could receive knockback from attackers when hiding in stone, this has been fixed.

Added license