GBZ Changelog

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Updated license

Improved summon functions
Should prevent summon function bugs in the future

Namespaced most scoreboards
Should decrease pack confliction

Fixed incorrect shooter source bug
Small chance that the wrong zombie would be marked as the source when shot by a shooter zombie

Shooter zombies can now shoot at villagers, GBG turrets, and golems
Zombies can now hurt villagers even in reinforced trading halls

Builders and Miners can now build/mine towards villagers, GBG turrets, and golems
Zombies can now slightly better deal with turrets

Increased max modifying distance to 48
Allow for zombies to build/mine towards villagers easier

Optimized datapack
Should run slightly smoother

Added Illager Skirmisher Squad summon function

Added Grass Block to miner breakable
Somehow wasn't in the list of breakable blocks


Updated datapack to Minecraft 1.20.4
Datapack now works on the latest version of Minecraft


Fixed Scorched Zombies taking damage from fire bug

Fixed Builders not building towards GBG Turrets bug
This was caused from GBG V1.19

Updated license
Updated the copywrite date

Fixed Zombie Animals not spawning bug


Updated pack format

Decreased Water Zombie natural spawn rate
Should hopefully reduce the amount that spawn in oceans

Lowered All Zombie HP to 20
Game is slightly easier now
This change was mostly done so that the sniper from gbg one shots them

Added Illager Skirmishes
Skirmishes are medium-sized groups of misc illagers that will spawn every 3-6 days
They will spawn around a random player, and will move towards the location of said player
Upon reaching that location, they will pick another random location to move towards

Fixed zombie animal brain invisibility
A change in 1.20.2 made all newly spawned zombie animals have their brains showing

Added gunpowder as a possible drop from regular zombies
The chance and amount is low, but gunpowder should be easier to obtain now

Tweaked Scorched Zombie Loot Table
No longer drops zombie eyes
Can now occasionally drop gunpowder


Removed tinted glass from miner breakable
The miner zombie can no longer break tinted glass

Added a lot of blocks to the miner breakable list
These were supposed to be on the list, but simply weren't
Andesite, diorite, granite
All overworld wood related blocks
Sand and Sandstone

Fixed Nurse not healing bug
The Nurse Zombie wouldn't heal nearby zombies

Fixed Builder mining and Miner building
The Builder and Miner zombies could both Build and Mine at the same time

Optimized Code Slightly
Probably won't improve performance that much

Actually fixed invisible zombie animal bug
It actually wasn't fixed because I am an idiot and didn't test my code

Reduced Water Zombie movement speed in water
They don't move as quick in water


Fix gbg nurse dropping removed items
The Nurse zombie could drop removed items when played with GBG

Fixed Zombie animals turning invisible upon death
When a zombie animal died it would still be able to attack the player

Fixed Zombie Animal not causing player zombies
When a player died to a zombie animal it wouldn't spawn a player zombie

Zombie Animals no longer spawn from breeding
When a player breeds two animals, the offspring will never be a zombie

Zombie Animals spawn rate increased
Naturally spawning animals will spawn as zombies more

Slightly lowered Minor Infection chance
The chance of being inflicted with Minor Infection has been lowered from 25% to 20%

Minor Infection effects tweaked
The negative effects have had their durations tweaked
Mainly weakness is now much shorter and hunger is much longer

Removed Acid Spitter and Acid Spewer Knockback
The projectiles from the Acid Spitter and Spewer no longer deal knockback to the player


Removed Zombie Virus Book
It's existence was unnecessary, as the player infection feature was removed

Removed Written Book Scrapping Mechanic
Was no longer needed as the books no longer drop


Fixed Zombie Name color bug
The color of most zombies name was white instead of green

Zombie Projectiles now give knockback
Whenever a player receives damage from a ranged attack they will receive knockback


Updated to 1.20
Datapack now works on Minecraft 1.20

Removed player zombie feature
It was an objectively bad feature

Fully removed zombie limiter code
There was still some scoreboards and functions from when this feature was still in gbz

Tweaked Builder and Miner AI
They will now build and mine towards the nearest player, mob, or auto turret from gbg

Added aware zombies config option
A new config command has been added that will make builders and miners aware of any nearby players or villagers

Tweaked zombie loot table
Zombie loot table has been tweaked to slightly lower the chance of zombie eyes drooping

Optimized Datapack
Should result in slightly better performance

Removed Player Infection feature
It was annoying, especially for new or inexperienced players
While zombies ignoring you was helpful, needing to cure yourself was annoying

Added Player Zombie feature
Whenever a player dies, a zombie spawns in their place wearing the player's head
This zombie is slightly stronger than the Swarm Zombie
This feature can be disabled with the following command:
/function config:player_zombies_off

Added DJ Zombie
A new, very rare zombie you can find
Upon death, he drops a random music disc


Added Config Commands for Every Zombie
All zombie variants can now be enabled or disabled using built-in config Commands
They are all located under the config namespace
/function config:[ZOMBIE_TYPE]_off
/function config:[ZOMBIE_TYPE]_on
All zombies are on by default

Removed Old Scorched Zombie Head
It didn't fit the style of the new scorched heads

Added Acid Spewer
A new Zombie!
It's very similar to the acid spitter
It has shorter range and lower damage
It has higher shooting speed
It also slows down less when shooting

Gave Iron Golems ability to kill Zombie Animals
It's pretty finicky, but it works fine enough.

Tweaked Ability Scoreboards
Better consistency
However, old acid spitters will no longer shoot

Fixed Missing Descriptions on Bandage and Medkit
The bandages and medkits dropped by the gbg nurse zombie were missing their Descriptions

Increased nurse zombie gunpowder drops
Better for gbg and non-gbg players


Removed unneeded code
It was sitting gathering dust

Remvoed max zombies feature
It was literally the opposite of helpful
It would crash the game, essentially

Fixed config:special_zombies_off not working
That config command didn't work
It's been renamed to config:destroyer_zombies_off now


Fixed Spitters shooting through walls bug
Acid and Water Spitters used to be able to shoot partially through walls


Removed Non-Despawning Drowned
An old feature that made all drowned that spawned via conversion not despawn
However, this feature also affected the naturally spawning drowned as well (from ocean ruins)
This was an oversight, and the feature has been removed because of it

Updated pack.png
Better reflects the updated datapack
Matches the icon on


Improved all spawning systems
They are now far less finicky
They are now better organized
They now use far less scoreboards
More optimized

Removed Stalker, Soldier, and Swarm Zombies
The Stalker and Soldier didn't really add anything to the game
The regular zombie has been renamed to the Swarm Zombie

Fixed Miner Zombie Iron Door Bug
Miner zombies could break iron doors
This was a bug

Made rotten flesh, alongside raw meats, give hunger
Rotten flesh gives hunger II for 30 seconds
Raw pork gives hunger II for 20 seconds
Raw chicken gives hunger II for 15 seconds
Raw mutton and raw beef give hunger I for 10 seconds

Added zombie villagers to spawning pool
Now you should have an easier time finding zombie villagers

Zombie villagers now drop emeralds
Do you want to kill them for their emeralds or cure them for their trades?


Updated GBG cure book
It was kind of outdated, stating features that no longer exist
It didn't have the recipe for the Minor Infection cure

Improved fish based drowned spawning
All variants including water spitters can now spawn

Drowned that spawn via conversion will not despawn
A little experiment
This feature may not stay in

Fixed Zombie Chicken not spawning bug
Apparently, the "s" in spawn wasn't typed into the function path
How did that even happen

Made Soldier Zombies un-replaceable
Soldier Zombies can no longer be replaced by Miners, Builders, etc


Gave villagers passive regen
Should help them survive a little better

Fixed Water Zombie fish spawning bug
The Water Zombie would spawn an insane amount in rivers and oceans
These Water Zombies wouldn't despawn either
This effect was completely unintentional and has been Fixed

Slightly nerfed Water Zombie loot table
Copper dropped a little too frequently

Fixed team leave bug
All players who weren't zombies would be immediately kicked off of all other teams


Fixed Water Zombie not spawning bug
When zombies converted to drowned they didn't turn into Water zombies

Fixed Stalker Zombie in the nether bug
There was a bug where the Stalker Zombie would spawn in the nether
This also caused Miners, Builders, Acid Spitters, and scorched to also spawn


Added bandages to GBG Nurse Zombie loottable
Techincally a bug

Modified scorched zombie loottable
They can now drop 1-4 coal/charcoal
They have a 80% chance of dropping 1-2 firecharges
They drop slightly less ammo

Added new items to Miner Zombie break list
They can now break podzol, grass path, farmland, bamboo, coarse dirt, and all cracked bricks/tiles

Buffed Zombie Horse loottable
They now drop slightly more leather

Fixed seeFriendlyInvisibles bug
When on the zombies team, you could see the invisible husk on the zombie animals

Fixed zombie animal killer name bug
When you died to a zombie animal it would say the killer in chat was husk

Added armor-respective damage for the acid and water spitters
When you wear more armor, the acid and water spitter projectiles do more damage

Increased nurse zombie gunpowder drop
They can now drop up to 1 more gunpowder


Renamed Acid Spitter Zombie to Acid Spitter
Shortened name for easier visibility when looking at mob

Added Water Zombie
All drowned that spawn will now spawn as a Water Zombie
Water Zombies are like regular zombies, expect they are VERY fast in water
Water Zombies have a chance of spawning naturally alongside salmon, cod, and squid

Added Water Spitter Zombie
When a Water Zombie spawns it has a chance of spawning as a Water Spitter
A Water Spitter is just like an Acid Spitter expect its rage and damage are lower and it fires less frequently
The Water Spitters projectile will inflict mining fatigue

Renamed acid_zombie summon function to acid_spitter
Better aligns with the actual name of the zombies

Added Sand Zombie
All husks will now spawn as Sand Zombies
Sand zombies are just like regular zombies expect they will inflict hunger on their targets

Lowered volume of Nurse Zombie heal sound effect
Before, you could hear the sound even if you were several blocks away
Now, the sound will only be hearable if you are relatively close to the Nurse Zombie.

Added white wool to the Zombie Sheep loottable
It was a bug

Added Scorched Zombie to special zombie spawning list
You are now more likely to encounter the Scorched Zombie
It can still spawn via endermen


Improved Builder and Miner AI
Builder zombies will now build staircases to get to the player
Miner zombies will now dig staircases to get to the player
A huge thanks to KingZhara!!

Added config options to change the maximum amount of zombies that can exist at once
You can now choose between values of 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250.
You can change it with the command:
/function config:max_zombie_count_set_[number]
Thanks KingZhara!

Improved Acid Spitter AI
Acid spitter zombies will now alterate their attacks better
Before, they would all attack at the same time, but dealing no extra damage

Added rails, fences, trapdoors, and terracotta to the list of blocks the miner zombie can break
Less cheesing, more danger
Thanks KingZhara!

Fixed Nurse Healing bug
A bug existed were the nurse would not heal nearby zombies

Nerfed Nurse
Nurse zombie can now only heal up to 2 nearby zombies

Added Minor Infections
When attacked by a zombie, there is a 25% chance of you getting a minor Infections
A minor infection inflicts:
mining fatiuge for 1 minute
hunger for 1 minute
slowness for 2 minutes
weakness for 3 minutes
You can easily clear the effects with milk or a medkit

Removed Spider zombie
You will find cave spiders now instead of spider zombies

Added summon commands for zombie animals
You can now summon in zombie animals via the summon namespace

Nerfed zombie animal drops
Zombie animals now have a 50% chance of dropping either their regular loot or rotten flesh


Tweaked zombie loottable
All zombie loottables have been changed to have more variety

Nerfed and tweaked zombie_gbg loottable
All zombie_gbg loottables have been changed to have more variety
Zombies drop less ammo now

Added zombie eye to loottables
An easier way to get spider eyes

Buffed zombie animal drops
Zombie animals now drop more loot

Improved builder block placement
Builder can now replace certain passable blocks with dirt

Improved zombie animals
Cow, Chicken, Sheep, and Pig zombies all now look like normal animals
The difference being that they will move towards the player to attack them


Updated to 1.19
Datapack now works on the latest Minecraft release

Optimized miner and builder zombie
Improved the code's optimization

Scorched zombies no longer trail fire
Scorched zombies could take care oif an entire swarm by themselves, this was unintended
Thanks KingZhara!

Nurse zombies now heal nearby zombies
Nurses can now heal up to 3 nearby zombies per Nurse
Nurses cannot be healed
Thanks KingZhara!

Added Acid Spitter Zombie
The acid spitter zombie will shoot an acid projectile at the nearest player
Thanks KingZhara!

Added wool and leaves to miner zombie breakable list
Miner zombies can now break wool and leaves

Tweaked Psychopath Zombie
Lowered damage slightly
Changed name of weapon

Changed name of datapack

Added ErrorCraft's Score-Based-Damage Datapack
This datapack is contained within the gbg zip file
This datapack is responsible for making the player damage system work
Huge thanks to ErrorCraft!


Added commands to summon zombies
Makes it easier to study zombies

Spider Zombies can no longer turn into miner or builder zombies
Doesn't make sense when a spider spawner spawns builder zombies

Changed name of Roaming Zombie to Stalker Zombie
Roaming zombie just didn't make a whole lot of sense

Changed name of Zombie Killer to Psychopath Zombie
Fits better, with the bloody hockey mask and all

When zombies are on fire, they will leave a trail of fire behind them
Beware the scorched zombie

Written books can be scraped in the crafting grid for 3 rabbit hides
Finally, a use for those hundreds of tattered books in your chests

Nerfed ammo drops of zombies
With the new magazine system ammo drops were WAY to op

Made nurse zombie head more zombie-like
It felt to cartoonish compared to the other zombie heads

Removed guns as a possible drop option from soldier zombies
This was seen as too op, it might come back later
In their place, they now drop even more ammo

Added new soldier zombie varient
Spices up gameplay a bit

Enderman now spawn in the end and nether again
The end was pure chaos when it was all zombies


Added builder zombie
Can place blocks around itself, usually creating bridges
Won't preform actions unless player is within 26 blocks

Added miner zombie
Can break simple blocks nearby itself (most notably: all wood cobblestone dirt stone)
Won't preform actions unless player is within 26 blocks

Added license
Should hopefully give a little more protection against reposts