CM Changelog

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Updated License
Updated to 2023

Updated namespace

Changing spawning items
A golden block or diamond block must now be used to spawn the Xmas Monsters

Increased Xmas Monster Stats
Both variants now have increased base Stats

Rewrote ability system
The abilities the Xmas Monsters can employ have been completely overhauled

Updated Ice Cloud Ability
Spawns an cloud that damages players but heals Xmas Monsters

Updated Present Ability
The present can do a little more now
Also has a random texture

Added Flash Snow Ability
Damages and debuffs all nearby players
Places snow everywhere

Added Ice Bolt Ability
Spawns a cloud of ice above the Xmas Monster that shoots ice bolt projectiles at nearby players

Added Spawn Mimic Ability
The Xmas Monster Spawns 3 mimics at their current position

Updated present loot table
Made it less OP and contain less garbage


Updated to 1.20
Datapack now works on Minecraft 1.20

Added license
Somehow it still didn't have one