Christmas Monster


The Christmas Monster adds a brand new Christmas-themed miniboss to your game. The new miniboss has multiple new attacks and has a special drop.

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Christmas Monster

Spawning and Varients

This new miniboss can be spawned by creating the structure below and throwing either a golden ingot or a dimamond on top. Depending on which you use, the boss will be either stronger or weaker. More information is located below.

Christmas Monster Golden Ingot


Health - 200

Armor - 6

Damage - 10

Drops - 1 Present

Christmas Monster Diamond


Health - 300

Armor - 6

Damage - 14

Drops - 3 Presents


This miniboss, regardless of the type, will use 1 of 3 different abilities. These abilities should not be lightly.

Flash Freeze

This attack will instantly freeze the surrounding area. Causing snow to form everywhere. All players unfortunate to get caught in this will instantly be encased in powder snow.

Ice Cloud

This attack will spawn a small ice cloud. This will hurt whoever walks in it, but it will heal the Christmas Monster.

Christmas Present

This attack will spawn a tiny Christmas present. that will do one of three things after 3 seconds. One possibility is that it will spawn a singular emerald. Another, is that is will spawn a creeper that will detonate after another 3 seconds. And one more possibility is that it will spawn a clone of the Christmas Monster. This clone is far far weaker but looks slightly different.


Upon death, the Christmas Monster will drop either 1 or 3 presents, depending on which varient you killed. The present will contain miscellaneous resources, like diamonds or iron. The present will also contain decorative custom heads that look like christmas ornaments, christmas presents, or even plushies. The present will also contain some miscellaneous building resources alongside a special Merry Christmas note.


This datapack currently does not add any commands that can be ran by operators. This should change in the near future.