GBG Changelog

You can click the version numbers to download the specific datapack version.


Added atlases folder
An optimization feature added by Minecraft in 1.19.3
This leads to faster resource pack loading speeds

Updated pack.mcmeta
Now it's 12


Made Auto Turrets set in center of block when placed
Makes it easier align turrets nicely

Monsters stop attacking turret once it's damaged
When Auto Turret enters its damaged state, monsters will stop attacking it

Added Destroyed Turret feature
When Auto Turrets die they will now enter a Destroyed phase
In this state, they are unable to receive further damaged
The turret also loses its ability to be repaired
The owner of the turret can salvage the turret from the turret_settings menu
Salvaging turrets will give back some of the resources it took to craft the turret

Fixed shotgun stat inconsistencies
The shotgun range when the item was crafted stated the range was 19
The shotgun range when the item was given stated the range was 30
The shotgun range upon item update stated the range was 19
The actual shotgun range was 15
The new actual range is 22
The shotgun damage in the tooltip everywhere stated it was 24
The actual shotgun damage is 18
How did this even happen

Fixed Assault Laser Rifle Reload bug
It was possible to reload the Assault Laser Rifle with full ammo

Improved raycast system
Lowered the margin for error with all gun projectiles
Guns can no longer "shoot through walls"

Improved give functions
All functions from the give namespace now use the function under GBG
Renamed all of the give functions to be the actual name of the item

Removed flare gun texture files
They were still in from way back

Better organized texture files
It was kind of a mess

Organized sound files
It was a huge mess

Added bandage and syringe use sound effects
I think they're good


Fixed audio bug with Auto Turrets
All Auto Turrets could potentially spam the damage AND repair sound at the same time non-stop


Fixed Auto Turret resource duplication bug
When picking up and Auto Turret, the Auto Turret would be given back as well as the resources it took to craft it

Fixed Auto Turret description broken bug
When picking up an Auto Turret the updated description wouldn't carry over


Fixed Ink Blaster looking like Chem Thrower bug
There was a bug where the ink blaster looked like the chem thrower when shot/reloaded

Gave Auto Turrets water breathing
Now Auto Turrets won't die from being underwater

Fixed Health Boost Syringe giving resistance bug
Health Boost Syringes used to give resistance

Implemented damaged Turret feature
Auto Turret health has been doubled
Whenever an turret goes below half health it will gain 14 armor points but lose functionality
Repair the turret in the /trigger turret_settings menu to make it operational again
Upon death, the turret will drop a portion of the resources it takes to craft it.

Removed dirt from flame raycast tag
It was there from debugging when I had made the flamethrower

Fixed bugged OUR OF AMMO message for Laser weapons
There was a bug that caused the laser weapons to display the messsage OUT OF AMMO on the actionbar even with AMMO

Added Laser Assault Rifle OUT OF AMMO display
The OUT OF AMMO display was missing for the assault laser Rifle

Renamed Laser Batteries in give namespace
In the give namespace the laser batteries were named "laser_pistol_ammo" and such
They are now named their actual in-game names

Renamed Shotgun Shell in give namespace
In the give namespace the shotgun shell was named "shotgun_ammo"
They are now named their actual in-game name

Overhauled Ammo System
The ammo system used by all guns has been revamped completely
Instead of being a per-player ammo system, it's now per-guns
Now it's possible to have multiple guns each with their own ammo level

Buffed range of most guns
A ton of guns have gained a range buff
Pistol 30->50
Assault Rifle 30->32
Sniper Rifle 80->110
Laser Pistol 40->70
Laser Rifle 60->86
Laser Cannon 90->122
Assault Laser Rifle 50->74

Updated Ray Gun fire sound
It fits the gun better


Optimized Land Mine Code
The code for the Land Mine has been optimized
This fixes several bugs such as:
Land Mines having activation delay when there is a lot of them
Land Mines not making the activation beeps when there is a lot of them

Optimized C4 Code
The code for the C4 has been optimized
This fixes C4s not making the appropriate beeping sounds

Added short wait time for Auto Turret
When an Auto Turret is deployed it must wait 5 seconds before firing

Lowered particle amount in Auto Turret raycast
The high amount wasn't necessary

Lowered Auto Turret damage from 5 to 3
It was a little OP, especially with the new Auto Turret

Made Auto Turrets Permanent
Auto Turrets now last forever
Auto Turrets now can take damage
Auto Turrets have a base HP of 30

Added Turret settings menu
The owner of a turret can now run the following command:
/trigger turret_settings
When standing next to their turret to bring up a menu

Added Swiftness Syringe
Gives swiftness 4 for 30 seconds

Added Resistance Syringe
Gives resistance 1 for 60 seconds

Added Health Bost Syringe
Gives health boost 2 for 6.5 minutes

Fixed Ray Gun: Red crafting book bugs
The Ray Gun: Red wasn't in the gun crafting manual

Increased Regeneration Syringe to give regeneration 2
A small little buff

Added details of med items to their descriptions
In each medical item's tooltip you can now find a list of that item's effects

Added player_damage config function
You can turn of the ability for players to be damaged by most guns by running the command:
/function config:player_damage_off

Arrows can now trigger land Mines
Finally a use for bows and crossbows
An easier way to deal will land Mines

Optimized tick.mcfunction
Moved pretty much all player commands to their own function

Fixed Assault Laser Rifle tooltip bug
The tooltip of the assault laser rifle would change during use

Changed Laser Cannon sound effects
It was too similar to the laser pistol sound

Added Minor Infection Cure
You can now craft a minor infection cure if you are playing with gbz
This new item can cure yourself of the minor infection
Or it can cure the nearest zombie villager/animal

Improved crafting method for gbz exclusive items
It was pretty easy-to-break before


Updated model for pistol, assault rifle, shotgun, and sniper rifle
They all look better than before

Tweaked models for pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, and assault rifle ammo
Made it easier to tell the difference between pistol and sniper rifle ammos

Tweaked chemical thrower and ink blaster models
Removed one of the canisters from the model

Fixed ink blaster texture bug
The ink blaster used to have the texture of the chemical thrower instead

Organized all model files
This will make adjustments, changes, and additions way easier

Removed model and crafting files for flare and flare gun
They were still in from V1.3

Fixed Gun Crafting Book laser weapon bug
There was a bug where the crafting recipe for the laser pistol was the laser rifle
And that the recipe for the laser rifle was the laser cannon
You will need to craft the items again to get them fixed

Organized all crafting system files
Organized the crafting recipes, functions, and advancements

Fixed glass pane and tinted glass bug
There was a bug where standard and laser guns couldn't shoot through glass panes or tinted glass

Added Ray Gun: Red
New Gun
An automatic quick-firing ray gun

Removed Combat shotgun
It doesn't really fulfil a unique purpose
Honestly, quite a forgettable gun

Added Assault Laser Rifle
A new automatic laser weapon


Fixed regen and absop syringe crafting bug
There was a bug that caused the crafting system for both syringes to stop working after crafted once
Thank you Grian64


Updated to 1.19
Datapack now works on the latest Minecraft release

Improved code organization
Now it's easier on my end to view and edit the code

Removed unnecessary scoreboards
Changed code to not require them

Optimized load.mcfunction
Old system would run load.mcfunction every 1.5 sec, new system runs smaller function every 10 sec

Optimized ALL right click detection
Less stress on worlds with large amounts of players

Optimized ammo display
Less stress on worlds with large amounts of players

Fixed c4 & land mine carrot stick bug
If you looked at a land mine/c4 you could take the carrot stick from it to render it invisible
Unfortunately, now c4s and land mines are no longer affected by gravity (will be fixed in future update)

Fixed book result bug
In the various crafting manuals sometimes the "result" portion of the page was cut off

Fixed Laser Rifle ammo bug
Laser rifles wouldn't consume ammo when reloading.

Fixed Flame Thrower ammo bug
Flame Thrower canisters would be named flame thrower ammo if obtained through the give function

Fixed Ink Blaster undead bug
Undead mobs hit by the ink blaster would become stronger, instead of weaker

Added give:syringe function
The give command for the syringe was missing

Removed robot toggle config functions
They were still left over from when robots where still in gbg

Ink Blaster now shoots through mobs
More use for the ink blaster now

Increased slowness effect with Ink Blaster
Ink blaster is better now

Changed models of the syringes
They used a pretty odd system for displaying sprites before, this has been changed

Nerfed Sniper Rifle Piercing
When a sniper rifle shot pierces through an entity it will lose momentum
Meaning that at shorter ranges it can pierce more than at longer ranges

Nerfed Ray Gun: Blue range
Seemed a little high, it has been lowered from 60 to 48

Standard Guns now shoot through glass
Most standard guns can now shoot through glass, breaking it in the process
Auto turret cannot shoot through/break glass

Laser Guns now shoot through glass
All laser guns can now shoot through glass

Added summon commands for various equipment
Handy dandy little tool
They can be summoned via the summon namespace

Tweaked pistol model and texture
Looks a little better now

Changed image system for books
The previous system relied on overriding custom characters, this has been changed to use a custom font instead

Changed damage system for most standard, laser, and ray guns
The system, instead of using effects, uses scoreboards to deal damage to players and mobs
This allows for much more specific damage application
As a result to this change, however, most guns have received damage nerfs
The only bug is that absorption hearts are now ignored when dealing damage

Added ErrorCraft's Score-Based-Damage Datapack
This datapack is contained within the gbg zip file
This datapack is responsible for making the player damage system work Huge thanks to ErrorCraft!


Fixed give:all_ammo bug
The flamethrower Ammo and Rockets were only given in groupd of 1 instead of 64

Fixed bullet raycast bug
Bullets couldn't fire through small dripleaf or big dripleaf

Added realistic gun sounds to most guns
Sounds better than the mish-mash of minecraft sounds

Changed name of Flame Thrower Ammo to Flame Thrower Canister
Now matches the naming style of the other ammo

Added individual give commands for each ammo
These are in the give namespace

Added individual give commands for each book
These are in the give namespace

Added individual give commands for each equipment item
These are in the give namespace

Added individual give commands for each gun
These are in the give namespace

Added individual give commands for each medical item These are in the give namespace

Changed orientation of medkit in inventory
Looks better than the front-view orientation.


Fixed gbg_detect error
The system used to detect if gbg was installed when playing with gbz was broken
Fixed give:all_equipment command not existing
The command didn't exist
Fixed give:all_meds bug
The function didn't give you the bandage and it also gave you the laser shield


Added Equipment
Equipment is a new category of items in gbg
Added bandage
New Healing Item
Added some new guns
Everyone loves new guns
Nerfed pistol ammo crafting
It was too cheap for the size of the magazine
Rewrote Gun Crafting Manual and Medical Crafting Manual
Now includes a list of ingredients required to craft each item
Added Equipment Crafting Manual
Crafted with book and gunpowder
Removed Robots
They really didn't fit well with gbg