TH Changelog

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Fixed Movement Speed not Increasing Bug
When the player sneaked over crops, their movement speed wouldn't increase


Updated to 1.20
Datapack now works on Minecraft 1.20

All fence types can now be used for spawning
Fences from each wood type can now be used to build the harvester scarecrow

Fixed Spawning Multiple Harvesters Bug
If the player spawned more than one Harvester at a time it would bug out

Slightly buffed Harvester's Scythe item
Does slightly more damage
Players now move faster when sneaking on crops

Rewrote Abilities and Ability System
The abilities The Harvester uses are now 100% randomly chosen
There are now 5 abilities instead of 2

Rewrote Bash Ability
Harvester destroys nearby blocks
Harvester damages nearby players by 4 damage

Rewrote Scream Ability
Harvester applies slowness, weakness, and mining fatigue to nearby players
Harvester damages nearby players by 4

Added Plague Ability
Harvester applies blindness and wither to nearby players

Added Ground Pound Ability
Harvester jumps into the air and upon hitting the ground applies slowness and nausea
Upon hitting the ground also damages nearby players by 4

Added Spawn Croplings Ability
Harvester spawns 5 small monsters called Croplings at his position
The Cropling has very low hp but has high movement speed


Updated to 1.19
Datapack now works on the latest Minecraft version

Added license