TR Changelog

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Added function give commands
Now you can obtain the activated relics via /function give:

Guardian Relic now sends a death message
Players killed by the Guardian Relic wouldn't receive a proper death message

Guardian Relic now deals knockback
The projectile now deals knockback in the direction it came from


Updated to 1.20
Datapack now works on Minecraft 1.20

Rewrote Datapack
Rewrote pretty much the entire Datapack
Removed redundant code
Optimized datapack

Slightly Buffed Ocelot Relic Shift Ability
Slightly increased the speed effect

Changed Guardian Relic fire sound
Now is much more prominent

Changed Guardian Relic projectile particles
Looks better
Also should be better for performance

Changed Relic Gem Textures
Should be easier to see when in inventory and on ground

Changed resourcepack pack.png
Now it's different from the datapack pack.png

Updated Screenshots and Thumbnail
They look better
They are more accurate to the current update


Updated to 1.19
Datapack now works on the latest Minecraft version

Fixed underwater_ruin_small.json loot table bug
There was a bug that caused the unactivated guardian relics that came from underwater_ruin_small.json to generate as carrot sticks

Added license