GD Changelog

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Updated to Minecraft 1.20.4
Datapack now works on the latest version of Minecraft

Updated license


Updated to 1.20
Datapack now works on Minecraft 1.20

Added Start Challenge Button
Now, when the world is first created the challenge has to be initiated
This action can be done by any player

Added Warning Message
At the start of the game and whenever a player dies
they will be given 10 seconds before grass will damage them

Changed Grass Damaging System
The game will now kill you very very quickly as opposed to instantly when you touch Grass


Updated to 1.19
Datapack now works on the latest version of minecraft!

Also just a quick fyi, standing on snow layers doesn't save you.


Refined Code
The code was way to overly complex

Infinite players can now play at once
Don't know why I made it so only 10 players could play at once last time

Added license